Snack Attack Basket

HighGrain Lusen Pilsner- 12oz, 6-Pack

HighGrain Mexican Lager - 12oz, 6 Pack

What to do when the urge to snack hits? Is your friend stuck at home and needs a snack pick me up? Look no further than this packed snack attack basket! Stonewall Sea Salt Crackers (5oz), Monet Vegetable Entertainer Crackers (6oz), Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Filled Wafers (3.25oz), Stonewall Sea Salt Rosated Peanuts (9oz), Stonewall Italian Dipping Oil (8oz), Stonewal Hot Pepper Jelly (13oz), Stonewall Mango Chutney (8.5oz).

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